Some Extra Info

Kim and her Kim o lantern

Kim and Frank love Halloween more than Christmas and each other. They spend too much time working on Halloween animatronics and not enough time on their appearances. They’ve got their priorities straight.

The Nightmare on Conservation Drive: a brief history


Frank and Kim are computer engineers by trade, but their day jobs aren’t creative enough. From a love of Halloween and Stephen King is born a few homemade mannequins in Frank’s yard based on It, The Shining, and Carrie.


5 years on, the Halloween display has grown into a walk through featuring interactive elements (ringing phones guests can answer, motion sensors to trigger movement and sounds, etc) and immersive life-sized sets. Still rooted in Stephen King thrillers, the exhibits now include other “scary” favorites like Hocus Pocus and Beetlejuice, creating a conglomerate of Halloween movie magic come to life.


The Nightmare on Conservation Drive is back for its TENTH YEAR, and is better than ever! Join us this year for an extended walkthrough that houses a new exhibit area and encompasses all the old favorites like the singing pumpkin patch and the Grady sisters in the hallway from The Shining! See you on Conservation Drive!


“This is our favorite Halloween house to visit every year!”

-A sweet family from Loudoun County who crosses county lines just to visit our walkthrough

“oh my gosh it’s just like in Snow White”

-Celeste, 5yo


-a dad walking his daughter through the walkthrough, intent on showing her it’s not scary (he was wrong)

“Nothing is different from last year…”

-a disappointed 8 year old boy who doesn’t understand hardware and software maintenance is invisible if we’re doing it right

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