Frequently Asked Questions

This is a Halloween movie themed walkthrough experience in NoVa. You’ll be able to interact with characters and props, and be immersed in your favorite Halloween stories as you walk through the exhibits.

Find the answers to the things we get asked most often below.

  • “Is it free?”
    • Yes! There is no entry fee! There may be donation opportunities in the future, but definitely no entry fee.
  • “Is it stroller/pet/child friendly?”
    • Please leave your pets at home. This is not designed for four legged friends.
    • Strollers and wheelchairs are easily accommodated on paved areas of the walkthrough, but they will have difficulty on the uneven lawn sections, as well as through some enclosed scenes with tight u-turns.
    • Depends on the kid. My parents took me to this kind of stuff when I was young, and I clearly turned out a little weird.
  • “Is it scary?”
    • There are plenty of scenes to appeal to everyone, but some of them include common fears like clowns and dark and enclosed spaces. If you’re worried about something in particular, please ask!
  • “Can I take pictures?”
    • We love when people show pictures and video to friends and followers, but only if you give us credit! A link to this site or any of our social media is greatly appreciated!
  • “Are there scare actors?”
    • There are no live people/actors/etc. in the walkthrough. No one will touch you or grab you. EVERYTHING is animatronic!

And the number one most commonly asked question: “Where do you store it all??”

Between Frank’s shed for the sets, Kim’s townhouse for mannequins and animatronics and props, and Frank’s basement for the animatronics on wheels, we spend about a week getting everything back into storage every November.